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​Science has developed new techniques in all fields. Dental Science has changed over the years. Teeth are not regarded as just replaceable parts of the body. Dentistry in the past has mainly focused on treating the results of dental disease such as fillings and extraction of teeth. But by focusing on what leads to the disease we can prevent it from becoming an issue.



  • ​Sleep Apnea Appliances

  • Hygiene Certified* Laser Periodontal Therapy

  • Guided Implant Placement & Restoration

  • ​Children's Dentistry

  • Wisdom Teeth Removal

  • IV and Oral Conscious Sedation

  • ​​Partials and Dentures

  • On-Site CT Scan

  • Digital Impressions



“You're all so friendly here. I wouldn't mind coming every day."

- Heather H.

"I have a smile on my face when I come here. I always enjoy coming here. You're like a family."

- Cheryl G.

"You guys are an enlightening experience."

- Rebecca A.

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